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Appropriate For:

"FF" Nylon

Extra Strong Resistant High All Instruments

"E" Nylon

Strong Resistant High Oboe

"FF" Silk

Above Average

Highly Resistant Very High Oboe

"FF" Cotton

Average Highly Resistant Average Bassoon
Which thread is the best?

The best thread is largely personal preference. "FF" Nylon is the most popular option due to the thread's extra strength and exceptional appearance.

Is your thread waxed?

We do not carry any pre-waxed thread, however our nylon thread will still create a seal without wax. You may still wax the thread if you prefer!

Silk is the only oboe thread which must be waxed prior to being used. The natural fibers of silk will expand with moisture which causes the fibers to relax. The addition of wax will also strengthen the fiber and assists in creating a proper seal.

How strong is your thread?

Strength depends on each fiber, however our "FF" Nylon thread is the strongest we currently offer. We only sell high quality industrial strength thread for each fiber.

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